But isn’t the theory test easy?

Lots of people think the theory test is easy, yet the pass rate has been falling for years and is now below 50%. That’s not to say the theory test is difficult, it just requires a bit of practice in order to pass it. If you’re a learner driver, try to also think of the theory test as an opportunity. It’s a great way to learn many of the principles behind being a good driver, not only making you safer but also making your future driver career more enjoyable.

8 Weeks? Are you mad?

No! In eight weeks you’ll be able to learn everything you need to pass your theory test and you’ll only have to use the app for a few minutes a day. Much better than cramming for a week!

What happens if I miss a daily training session?

Practising every day makes our app – and your learning – work better, but we know that sometimes this isn’t possible. If you miss a day, you’ll be able to complete that day’s training session the following day. If you don’t train for over a week, we recommend you generate a new training plan. (You can do this with just a click of a button).

Do I need any other learning resources in order to pass the theory test?

No, this app contains everything you need to pass your theory test. Yours for the cost of a pint… well, in London.

Why should I buy this app and not one of the more ‘official’ looking apps?

All of the leading apps on the App Store licence the same bank of practice questions and hazard perception clips from the DVSA – including this one. If you want to plod through content like it’s displayed in a book from the early 80’s, go right ahead and purchase one of the other ones.

However, this app is unique in using a scientific approach to memory retention, delivering a training plan completely personalised for each user, not to mention all the explanatory videos, hints, tips, and hazard perception walkthroughs from yours truly. And it’s the same price.